5 Food And Nutrition Lies Exposed

5 food and nutrition lies exposed

5 Food And Nutrition Lies Exposed

It's about time someone cut through the lies about fibre-rich bread, sugar-laden fruit juice and egg yolk vs egg white.

We reveal the truth about common misconceptions that are baking in the health world at the moment. Here are five nutrition lies exposed and the healthier choices you should be making:

1. LIE: Fruit juice is healthy

TRUTH: We are going to cut straight to the pulp on this one: many commercial fruit juices contain more sugar than a can of soft drink. Basically, they are nowhere near as nutritious as many are lead to believe. But don't fear, you can still get your natural sugar hit by eating whole pieces of fruit (sometimes skin and all, as it leaves the fibre intact) and ultimately you will avoid those rapid blood sugar fluctuations.

Along with juice, find out which foods are the biggest culprits in sugar loading. 

2. LIE: Eggs are bad for your heart

TRUTH: Unfortunately an old wives tales had many of us avoiding eggs for years, but thanks to good ol' research we now know that there is no link between poor heart health and egg consumption. In fact, eggs have been shown to overall health and are approved as a heart-friendly food. Although the protein is mainly in the whites, the egg yolk also contains an abundance of key nutrients, so be sure to enjoy whole eggs as often as you like. 
Start incorporating more eggs into your diet with this healthy breakfast muffin recipe.   

3. LIE: Full-fat foods are bad for you

TRUTH: Just when you think you are doing the right thing, you get hit with a fat case of reality. In our misguided efforts to avoid all dietary fats, many 'low fat' and 'fat free' modified versions of products have saturated the food market. However here is the stickler, low fat variations (such as yoghurt) are often filled with added sugars and other nasties. Yes that's right, the very things that cause unwanted weight gain. So heed this advice and opt for full fat. Tip: Many full-fat dairy products contain nutrients crucial for health and can even aid in weight loss efforts. 

4. LIE: Organic all the way

TRUTH: "I only eat organic"…we've all heard it. But while the idea of eating organic sounds healthy and appealing, studies have shown that the level of pesticides and other nasties in Australian produce is relatively low. It's something to keep in mind, and furthermore, organic doesn't always mean healthy. When the label of 'organic' is slapped across chocolate bars and soft drink, be wary; it's still junk food!

5. LIE: Chocolate is bad for your health

TRUTH: Contrary to the classic belief that chocolate is the ultimate 'comfort food', good quality dark chocolate is also brimming with nutrients! The key is to stick to chocolate blocks that are 85% (or higher), or opt for cacao powder in beverages, and always keep moderation in mind.

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