5 reasons why foam rolling is good for you


5 reasons why you should foam roll

The use of foam rollers has increased in popularity over the last few years. A foam roller is usually a cylindrical shape, much like a log, that is made out of foam. Most personal trainers recommend using them for the ‘self-massage’ of tight muscles post workout. To use one, apply your own body weight and roll back on forth to apply pressure to your target area.

We have listed 5 benefits of foam rolling, in the hope of convincing you to give it a try!

It helps relieve muscle tension
Foam rolling is similar to a deep tissue massage, in that it helps relieve tension and soreness in the muscles. Daily activities of life, as well as gym workouts, can cause knots in muscles that can restrict mobility, cause pain and reduce performance. Foam rolling helps return the muscles and soft tissue to normal and operate correctly again. By maintaining muscle length and releasing muscle tension, foam rollers also help prevent injuries.

Improves circulation
Foam rolling allows for an increased blood flow to the area, assisting the ‘warm up’ process. It also allows for improved oxygen delivery to the muscles during a workout which improves performance. When blood flow is increased, your body is also better able to remove toxins and waste which aides in muscle recovery.

Improve range of motion without any negative effects on strength
Some studies have shown that although massage and stretching can increase range of motion, they can also actually reduce muscle strength. However, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that foam rolling did not have a negative effect on strength. Foam rolling improves your range of motion by breaking down muscle tightness which also promotes good form during exercise.

Decrease recovery time
As foam rolling increases circulation and breaks down tight spots in the muscles, it also helps reduce recovery time. The action of foam rolling reduces inflammation that occurs during muscle recovery and therefore speeds up the time it takes to recover, which means you can perform better after an intense workout. Can be used as an exercise tool You can also use foam rollers to complete exercises that strengthen the core, promote strength and balance and increase flexibility and mobility!


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