Meet Daniel Jofre From The Biggest Loser

Goodlife Health Clubs official fitness partner of The Biggest Loser

Meet Daniel Jofre From The Biggest Loser

What is your favourite workout or class at Goodlife?
Other than my PT sessions with Jason from Goodlife Point Cook, it would have to be circuit training and boxing.

What current goal are you working towards with your Goodlife personal trainer?
My goals at the moment are to gain muscle, get stronger and to take in all my personal trainer’s advice about nutrition and exercise.  

How do you stay on track with your diet?
Prepping meals for the week and learning about nutrition. Also to be creative and fun with your meals when cooking and eating out.

What’s the best advice your Goodlife trainer gave you? 
“There's no such thing as I will start on Monday" and all his knowledge on nutrition and exercise. 

How has losing weight positively impacted on your life?
I can now say I’m a happier healthier, fitter, stronger and confident young man.

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