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Looking for something ‘heartier’ to listen to on your commute to work, morning walk or weights session? Maybe you’re looking to make some changes to your life, and need some practical advice and direction? Whatever your needs are, we’re sure you’ll enjoy listening to one or more of these seven motivational podcasts, hand selected by us!

  1. Crappy to Happy
    Category: Fitness and Nutrition
    Episode length: 30-50 minutes
    We absolutely love this podcast from Cass Dunn, a clinical psychologist. Cass teams up with Tiff Hall (AKA the awesome, hilarious trainer from The Biggest Loser and Tiff XO) and a range of guest speakers like Turia Pitt to have REAL conversations about motivation, work-life balance, perfectionism, self-esteem, nutrition, exercise and everything in between! Cass advertises her podcasts as sharing practical, meaningful ways to overcome your personal barriers and feel happier, more energetic, and more confident. So, if you’re looking for short, sharp and relatable advice, with a good dose of humor, make sure you subscribe!
  2. NHS Couch to 5KM
    Category: Fitness and Nutrition
    Episode length: 30 minutes
    Are you looking to improve your fitness, and maybe participate in a fun run this year? This app is your virtual ‘personal trainer’ or exercise buddy, and is designed for beginners to running. Laura instructs you over nine 30-minute episodes, telling you when to run, when to power walk, when to rest, and when to push your boundaries! Build your endurance with each episode, and listen to inspirational music in the background while you sweat it out!

  3. Healthy-ish
    Category: Fitness and Nutrition
    Episode length: 30-45 minutes
    This podcast is a collaboration between the editor of Australia’s ‘Body and Soul’ Eliza Cracknell, radio personality Maz Compton and Dr Andrew Rochford. If you love learning about nutrition and wellness, this podcast discusses the latest trends with expert guest speakers, including plant–based diets, eating to your DNA, gut health and mindfulness. This podcast will surely motivate you to make those long overdue changes to your daily routine!

  4. Motivational Minute
    Category: Self Help
    Episode length: 60 seconds
    Are you short on time? Can you only fit one small, yet meaningful change into your life at a time? This podcast is PERFECT for you! Allie Theiss promises to build a ‘better you’ with her 60 second motivational tips, some of which include ‘breakfast is key’ and ‘make small goals’ and ‘turn to your cheerleaders’. We suggest listening to one tip per week, and spending the entire week actioning it. How many tips can you get through?

  5. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
    Category: Self Help
    Episode length: 30-50 minutes
    From the author of best-selling ‘The Happiness Project’, Gretchen draws on personal experience and expert knowledge to provide practical advice about ‘what is happiness’, and the journey towards it. Listen to this podcast for practical, thought-provoking tips and ‘life habits’ to adopt for optimising health, wellbeing and of course, happiness!

  6. Smiling Minds
    Category: This is actually an App – find in the App store!
    Episode length: Tracks are usually 3-15 minutes in length.
    Guided meditation may not be ‘directly’ motivational. However, spending some time each day to clear your mind of stress may help to make room for positive thoughts and actions! Smiling Minds is an Australian non-for-profit organisation, and their app (free to download from the app store) has been developed by psychologists. The app has a range of mindfulness programs for adults, young adults, children, parents, teachers, and for the workplace, so whatever your needs are, it has you covered. Plus, with up to 42 tracks per program, you certainly won’t get bored

  7. The Goodfit Podcast
    When it comes to fitness, we know there's no one size fits all type of training solution, so we're happy to help you find your perfect fit. Each fortnight, we'll be getting up close and personal with leading industry health and fitness professionals - from personal trainers right through to nutritionists - to bring you the best training tips and health hacks around, so we can help you find YOUR perfect fit. 
Samantha Stuk Posted by: Samantha Stuk

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