Supercharge your results with Hypoxi

Hypoxi results

Supercharge your results with Hypoxi

How does HYPOXI work?

The combination of training and therapy stimulates metabolism, reducing fat and cellulite in your problem areas. In just 12 sessions, you could lose up to 30cm, which is more than what you would generally see from training alone*. HYPOXI completely redefines the way you train.

Available in selected Goodlife Health Clubs and other locations across Australia, HYPOXI couples low impact exercise with vacuum and compression technology to help speed recovery and target those stubborn areas that just won't budge.

HYPOXI technology can:

  • Assist you during periods of plateau in your fitness and weight loss regimes
  • Aid you in training recovery (through assisting with micro tears and lactic acid build up)
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system aiding in the detox process and elimination of fluid retention
  • Aid the improvement of skin tone and texture.

This is all over and above the targeted nature of the fat reduction the technology can achieve.

Hypoxi before photos

"I felt my training at the gym was not enough to really get the results I wanted so I turned to HYPOXI. After losing centimetres off my hips I knew this was the answer. I feel great and ready to hit the beaches in Hawaii!" - Rita, 40, Keilor East

Hypoxi after photos

Supercharge your results by contacting your local HYPOXI studio for a free trial:

* Indicative results based on your lifestyle, nutrition plan and accompanying exercise regime

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