Top Tips For Freezing Food

Top tips for freezing food

Top Tips For Freezing Food

Generally most foods are freezable, except for the following:

  • Any raw vegetables to be used in a salad or sandwich that you want crisp, e.g. salad leaves, celery, cucumber, tomato, peppers, herbs etc.
  • Sour cream, cream and cottage cheese - they separate on defrosting
  • Whole eggs in a shell
  • Egg based dishes, e.g. omelettes and frittatas, they become watery
  • Potatoes become watery if raw, and tough if already cooked
  • It is advisable not to freeze and then reheat cooked rice, as it is susceptible to bacteria growth

Top tips for freezing

  • Be sure to cool completely before placing in the freezer.
  • Freeze in small containers to allow the food to freeze faster.
  • Use freezer specific containers or make sure you wrap them very tightly.
  • For solid food leave a minimum of air at the top or you will get 'freezer burn'.
  • For liquids leave a few centimetres to allow for expansion when the liquid freezes.
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